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2017/18 - Winter League Info


1.     Proposals:-     If you want to change the way that something is done in the pool league such as:- Play just 6 Singles matches instead of Six Singles matches and three  Doubles then you have to fill out a proposal form which can be downloaded from above. It must be proposed and seconded by Pool League members who played the previous season and given to either Steve Byron or Elisa Hancock. (REMEMBER) only things which are in a PROPOSAL can be changed.

2.     Agenda:-     For the Annual General Meeting an Agenda will be drafted and forwarded to the teams which will show what is to be discussed at the A.G.M. which will include all the proposals which have been correctly handed in.

3.     Team Registration:-     At the Team Registration which is held just before the Annual General Meeting the Captain or a team member shall hand in their registration form along will their entry fee's. NO MONEY, NO PLAY.

4.     Annual General Meeting:-     This is where it all comes together and you as players of the league can have your say and decide how you want  things done. An agenda is followed consisting of all things to do with the league such as Constitution, Committee, Rules etc and many more.

5.     Fixtures:-     The teams who register for the league will be placed in divisions relating to where they finished the previous season with usually a promotion / relegation format being followed. Any 'New Teams' will automatically go in to the lowest division unless the committee feel that any of the players entered in that team are of a known higher standard which they would then go into a division of thier ability.

6.     Captains Meetings:-     Teams "MUST" send either their Captain or one of their team members to these meetings.

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