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Result Cards

Result Cards must now be received by Steve Byron in two ways :-

1st: :-  A Photo of the result card must be taken and sent to Steve no later than 11.00pm the following day after the match ie,  Thursday  11.00pm. failure to do so will result in your team being fined and points deducted as per the constitution.. Ensure the card is readable and not blurred

Result cards can be sent either by MMS multimedia message,  WhatsApp,  or  Messenger.

2nd :-  The Origional Result Cards may still be posted in the post box which is located by the pool table inside at the Farmers Arms each week or post them directly to steve's house. Any team not posting or delivering them directly to steve must bring all there result cards to the next Captains Meeting. Failure to hand in your result cards will result in your team be fined as if it were a late card for each result card.

So for example:- if your team played 3 home games in November then they would send a photo each week to Steve but then bring the three cards to the Decembers Captains Meeting.

Captains are asked to make sure that the cards are filled out correctly and are readable ie:- Teams & Division entered Scores for each frame have been entered, Final scores have been entered, New registrations have been entered on the back of the card, any 8 Balls have been entered and signed by the away captain.


Last updated - 19 Oct 2019
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