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***** Welcome to the Congleton Pool League *****



*****     SEASON  2021/22     ***** 


  1.      Sun 5th Sept ---------- Registration  Meeting.  (Vale Club  at 7.00pm)
  2.      Mon 27th Sept--------- Distribution of League Fixtures  ( Bulls Head at 7.00pm)
  3.      Mon 27th Sept -------- Collect Singles & Doubles Knockout Forms.  ( Bulls Head at 7.00pm)
  4.      Wed 6th Oct ----------- First Match.



Hi everyone with what has gone on over the past 18 months the committee has made the following decisions:-

1.   From the last season we played all league placing will be classed as finished and kept on record but as for Competitions they have all been scrapped with no trophies being awarded for either.

2.   This means that due to the fact we have gained some revenue we intend not to make the Superdraw compulsory for this new season, also anyone who enteres this years competition and was still involved in it last time will get free entry.

3.   There will be no AGM this year but just a Registration Meeting which is being held at the Vale Club on Sunday 5th September at 7.00pm, just one person from each team need come to register their team due to numbers. All Registration Forms must be accompanied with the relevent entry monies.

4.    Fee's are £10 per player,     Top up Bond is £5 and the New Bond is £50.

5.    We feel the best thing is to get back playing the game we all enjoy but its your choice.

6.    Entry Forms should have been dropped off at venues but if you want one just contact Steve Byron.

7.    The league will commence on Wednesday 6th October, hope to see you at the meeting.



Referee's  Exam

you can now take the exam at home. Click on the Referee's Exam tab on the left hand side of the web page and follow the instructions, Once you have completed all four sections you will be sent a final email to inform you of your final score and a graded result pass mark.

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