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Cheshire Inter-League

The pool league is again, in conjuction with the Bulls Head entering a team from Congleton into this years Cheshire Inter-League.

Matches will take place on a Sunday lunchtime and will consist of 18 games with each player playing no more than 2 games each.

Teams competing will be forwarded as soon as all the entry forms have been received.

The League will pay the £10 registration fee for us to be a member of the Cheshire E.P.A. and the £50 registration fee to enter this years Inter-League competition. Players will have to pay £10 each. You will get a Registration Card with a photo I.D which will allow you to play at any E.P.A. competitions. You must have your Registration card with you on the day your playing in the competition or you wont be allowed to play.

More details concerning dates, venues etc will follow shortly but anyone wishing to be considered for the team please contact Steve Hilditch, Simon Knowles or Steve Byron. Players need to pay ASAP as the registration is very soon.

Players who have already paid and are eligible to play are listed below:-

  1. Simon Knowles   Bulls Ringers
  2. Nathan Fraser     Bulls Ringers
  3. Leigh Dyson     Unicorn 'A'
  4. Charlie Foster     8 Bull (D)
  5. Adam Byron     8 Bull (D)
  6. Danny Tatton     8 Bull (D)
  7. Pete Swain   Victoria Club 'A
  8. Chris Morris     Victoria Club 'A'
  9. Rob Fletcher     Victoria Club 'B'

And from the Congleton Pool League Committee, Enjoy the competition and Good Luck to all those who are taking part.



Last updated - 12 Mar 2022
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