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***** Welcome to the Congleton Pool League *****



  1.     21st  Aug   ----------  SUMMER  LEAGUE  FINAL  PLAY-OFF.
  2.     26th  Aug   ----------  Agenda out to venues.  
  3.      2nd  Sept  ----------  Charity Knockout  Meeting  at  the  Bulls Head 7.00pm - 8.00 pm
  4.      8th  Sept   ----------  Team  Registration (7.00pm)  and A.G.M. (~7.45 pm)
  5.     15th Sept   ----------  Charity  Knockout at the Bulls Head. (12.00 Noon)
  6.     22nd Sept  ----------  Junior Pool Knockout at the Vale Club  (12.00 Noon).
  7.     30th  Sept  ----------  Fixtures out to venues.
  8.         9th  Oct  ----------  Start of new season. (Week 1).


Annual  General  Meeting.

The Team Registration and Annual General Meeting will be held at the Vale Club on Sunday 8th September at &.7.00pm and &.7.45 respectively.

To see what proposals have been forwarded for the AGM click on the "NEW PROPOSALS" tab under the Quick Links Menu on the right hand side of the website page.

Summer League FInal

The Final of this years Summer League will be contested between the Bulls Head 'A' (Div 1 Winners) and the Lord Mountbatton (Div 2 Winners). The Final will take place at the Vale Club on Wednesday 11th Sept at 8.00pm. Good Luck to both teams.

Charity  Knockout

This years Charity Competition is the same as last year, a mixture of a Doubles 10 Ball Smash mixed with the TV Series "The Chase". Entries are limited to just 32 pairs so entries are on a first come basis so contact me with your names and then bring your forms and Entry Fee's to the meeting on Monday 2nd September at 7.00pm. Entry Fee is £6 per pair.

Referee's  Exam

The referee's exam is now live on the website so you can now take the exam at home. Click on the Referee's Exam tab on the left hand side of the web page and follow the instructions, Once you have completed all four sections you will be sent a final email to inform you of your final score and a graded result pass mark.

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