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***** Welcome to the Congleton Pool League *****



*****     SEASON  2021/22     ***** 


  1.      Wed    25th May ----------- Silverplate  S/Final.
  2.      Mon    30th May -----------  9 Ball  S/Final.
  3.      Wed    1st June  -----------  Champions League Final.
  4.      Mon    6th June  -----------  Div 2 Singles S/Final.


Congleton Pool League have again entered the Inter-League and are playing from the Snooker Club. The committee have made Steve Hilditch (Team Captain) & Simon Knowles (Vice Captain), anyone interested in taking part please contact either Steve or Simon or a committee member  (Places Permitting).

Our First match is in the Inter-League Cup which is on Sunday 13th March at the Gladstone Club, Station Road, Northwich, CW9 5RB. Good Luck to all those taking part.

The actual league starts on Sunday 24th April Away against both Crewe 'A'  at Dishers at 12.30pm and at Off THe Rails against Crewe 'B' at 3.30pm.



you can now take the exam at home. Click on the Referee's Exam tab on the left hand side of the web page and follow the instructions, Once you have completed all four sections you will be sent a final email to inform you of your final score and a graded result pass mark.

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